What impressed me most during our visit to Tanzania was the warmth of the Tanzanian students and how much we had in common with them. Despite the fact that our cultures are so different and that it felt like we were literally on the other side of the world, we immediately felt comfortable with each other. During the joint workshops we worked on the same issues and problems, laughed about the same things and developed similar ideas for the future.

Student at the Lessing Gymnasium (High School), Frankfurt


Dialogue between schools in the North and the South

"One Future for all" – this is our motto for the intercultural dialogue between the partner schools and it is one of PROBONO's core motives.
Within the scope of the North-South school partnerships we promote intercultural communication, support study projects, help in the communication between the partner schools and provide support for visits to the partner school. Working together in projects, students from both Germany and Africa learn together and from one another thus promoting intercultural understanding and global learning on both sides.


Global learning beyond continental borders

Both students and teachers in the North and the South develop an interest in the foreign culture and way of life. They learn from one another and establish new personal relationships. This promotes an understanding of sustainable development and development policy. Friendships are formed which are valued highly by both students and teachers. The compassion with the people behind the individual stories is a strong motivator to get involved in creating a more socially just world.

The dialogue between the partner schools has many aspects. It begins with the exchange of short "profiles" where the girls and boys from Germany and East Africa introduce themselves and ranges from joint projects for school magazines to German-African theatre and musical performances.