About us

Our mission

  • Poverty reduction, sustainable development and promoting access to and availability of education
  • Improve the learning and living situation at African schools
  • Facilitate international understanding, overcome prejudices and racism by promoting dialogue and communication between children and youths from Germany and Eastern Africa
  • Promote intercultural and social skills of young people both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere
  • Motivate young people to take on social responsibility
  • Promoting education on issues relating to sustainable development

About us

Our values

PROBONO is committed to support the people in the Southern hemisphere. We believe that promoting education is a key factor in overcoming poverty, discrimination, oppression and corruption, to strengthen democracy and encourage sustainable development.

  • PROBONO supports schools in Eastern Africa based on the principles of encouraging self-reliance and sustainability.
  • PROBONO aims to promote tolerance and understanding of foreign cultures as well as to increase responsibility for the issues of development cooperation.
  • PROBONO is not connected to any political or religious organisation and supports projects regardless of religion, race or political conviction.
  • PROBONO, in a joint effort with German students, contributes to more sustainable development.
  • PROBONO promotes international understanding between young people of different cultures.