The cooperation with PROBONO has been of vital importance to our school and the PROBONO activities have positive impact on our students’ lives. Our benefits include donation of funds for construction of school buildings, text books, further teacher training and culture change through volunteer programme. The performance output is remarkable.

James Kiwara, Headmaster at the Kishumundu Secondary School, Tanzania


Schoolbooks and teaching materials

... are the basis for successful learning. However, many African schools lack even the most basic resources. In Tanzania, on average eight children share one schoolbook. Sometimes the entire class has to work with one book, which is often outdated...

Without books, the children are unable to learn by themselves and study the topics covered during the lessons on their own. Your donation can help us to provide the schools in East Africa with sufficient schoolbooks and teaching materials. A set of maths books for one class costs € 250. A board showing the periodic system for a chemistry class costs € 35.

Every donation makes a difference!


It’s the teacher that makes the difference!

The PROBONO teacher training programme in Tanzania

What do you need to run a school? Of course you require school books and classrooms, but the qualifications and educational skills of the teachers are just as important for successful learning. Since 2013, PROBONO has therefore been engaged in teacher training programmes and based on existing continuous training programmes it has developed an innovative teacher training programme to improve the teaching standards at Tanzanian schools.

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The training programmes were developed after secondary school exam results had been poor for many years in all parts of the country, with the grades being worst in science and mathematics. As a result, there was a huge deficit in qualified engineers, scientists and doctors in Tanzania which impeded development in all areas of the economy and daily life.

Getting engaged and understanding instead of just memorising

One of the modules of the teaching programme comprises methodology workshops which cover modern educational theories taking into account the specific requirements of Tanzanian schools, for example accounting for the large number of students in each class. The methodology workshops follow an approach that focuses on the students and their participation during class.

Whereas it is still common practice in Tanzanian schools for students to merely memorise subject matters, the teachers are instructed in how to motivate students to actively take part in lessons instead, and how to engage the students in finding solutions themselves, i.e. to encourage them to analyse the issues discussed and be creative in their thinking.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) in Moshi, which provides the instructors and rooms for the methodology workshops, and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) which provides the funding for the teacher training programme for the years 2016 until 2019.

Improving content knowledge

An additional module of the PROBONO teacher training programme is the subject-based workshops. In a joint cooperation with the Senior Expert Service in Bonn (SES), German teachers and university lecturers are sent to Tanzania, where they carry out workshops, support teachers by acting as co-trainers and help them to use their new skills in the classroom. The subject-based workshops complement the methodology workshops: they help to deepen the Tanzanian teacher's knowledge of the subject and in combination with the skills learned in the methodology workshop the overall teaching skills are improved.

Once the methodology workshops and subject-based workshops for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English have been completed, German instructors visit the eleven participating schools, providing support during classes and giving feedback on the newly acquired skills. In addition, the programme also includes investments into the school infrastructure, such as the building of new laboratories and the acquisition of science equipment and teaching materials.

Any donations to support this urgently needed programme to improve the educational standard on a long-term basis are very much appreciated. Please support the teacher training programme in Tanzania and make the school experience more interesting and enjoyable for the children in Tanzania so that they can look forward to a brighter future!

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I really love studying very much as I know education is the only key to success, especially to a poor orphan like me.

Blass Mrindoko, Scholar of the PROBONO Scholarship Programme "Education for every child!"


Education for every child!

The PROBONO Scholarship Programme supports Tanzanian students in need

Poverty can only be overcome by education. But many girls and boys in Tanzania have no access to a school education. In Tanzania, primary school education is free and as a result more than 80 % of all Tanzanian children attend primary school. However, secondary school education is subject to school fees in addition to the costs for school uniforms, learning materials and boarding school fees. Boarding schools are very common in Tanzania as the schools are often far away from the children's homes and the routes to the school are not safe.

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However, many families are unable to pay for their children to attend a school. Orphans are often in an even more difficult situation as there are no relatives to care for these children. Without outside support, they are often unable to develop their talents and skills.

This is where PROBONO's scholarship programme "Education for every child!" helps. It enables girls and boys in need to attend secondary school and pass their final exams. In this way, the programme helps to improve their living conditions and their working opportunities, whilst fighting child poverty and providing development support on a long-term basis.

Please support Tanzanian girls and boys in need and enable them to go to school!

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PROBONO’s projects in Africa

Education is the key to development and to overcoming poverty, which is why promoting education and supporting schools is so important – not only to improve the outlook of peoples future, but also to improve the situation of the society and the country in general.

Whether it is economic development, environmental protection, good government policy or the fighting corruption – education improves knowledge and is the prerequisite for successful development in all these areas.

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However, in Eastern Africa the basic requirements for a good school education are often not given:

  • The majority of the population in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya suffer severe poverty.
  • The school system is lacking funds. There is a great deficit in school books, class rooms, qualified teachers, laboratory equipment, and sometimes there is not even enough money available to pay for chalk...
  • At many schools the standard of education is very low. Many schools achieve very low passing rates at the national exams.
  • Many families are unable to pay for their children to go to school. Many people cannot read or write.

For these reasons PROBONO has been promoting education and supporting schools for fourteen years and in this way has made and will continue to make a valuable contribution to improve learning conditions and exam results.

PROBONO supports schools in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya by...

  • Books and teaching materials
  • Building class rooms, sleeping dormitories, chemical laboratories, school kitchens, etc.
  • Providing a systematic teacher training programme
  • Providing computers and setting up internet access
  • Ensuring water and electricity supply
  • Setting up agricultural and vocational training projects (including school gardens, henhouses, maize mills)

What is so special about what we do?

All projects are integrated into the North-South school partnerships, so that there is an improvement of the learning and living conditions in Eastern Africa and at the same time German youths are encouraged to get involved in social activities and encouraged to think globally. The German partner schools generate funds for their partner schools in the South by organising, for example, flea markets, marathon fund raising activities and fairs.

Our support is not on a one-term basis, but is rather based on a long-term partnership between the schools. Transparency and monitoring of all projects is ensured by our local staff and all projects are carried out jointly with the schools in the South. PROBONO visits all partner schools on a regular basis.

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