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Statutes of the registered association "PROBONO School Partnerships for One World e.V.”

§ 1 Name, seat and fiscal year

(1) The association is named "PROBONO School Partnerships for One World". –hereafter referred to as "the association".

(2) The association is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

(3) The Association shall be entered into the association register; after registration the association shall use the addendum "e.V." (English translation: "registered association").

(4) The fiscal year of the association is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose

(1) The association's purpose, notwithstanding the obligations of the state, is to initiate, support and promote school partnerships between schools in Germany and schools in Africa through the procurement of financial and material resources. It is the two-fold aim of the association to support educational institutions and individual students in need in Africa as well as to promote social values in children and young people in this country (Germany); to motivate them to social action, to promote their social competence and, by encouraging dialogue, to contribute to international understanding.

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(2) The association's purpose is to primarily be achieved through:

a. Acquisition of donations to support school partners in Africa: transfer of funds and donations to foreign schools whose sponsors have the legal form of a corporation and exclusively pursue tax-privileged purposes, for the construction of buildings, school equipment, teaching and learning materials (as defined in § 58 No. 1 AO)
b. Transfer of funds and donations to foreign schools whose sponsors have the legal form of a corporation and exclusively pursue tax-privileged purposes, especially in support of students in need in terms of § 53 of the tax code.
c. Moral support of the school partners in the areas of donation acquisitions and public relations.
d. Promotion of international understanding, i.e. a cultural exchange between young people of different nations by
• supporting dialogue between school partners with regard to content as well as by the expansion and deployment of digital technologies to facilitate communication between the students of partner schools
• financial support for exchange trips (void of tourist-related nature) which shall serve only tax-privileged purposes
• the care of foreign visitors in Germany

e. Funding and organisation of workshops at schools in Germany and in Africa for teachers and students, for further education and consolidation purposes regarding developmental, global and intercultural issues
f. Establishing a network among various school partnerships to exchange experiences.
g. Idealistic, non-materialistic public relations work and advocacy

(3) The association shall exclusively and directly uphold non-profit purposes according to the provisions of the German tax regulations entitled "Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke" (tax-privileged purposes) and charitable purposes as defined by § 53 1 of the tax code.

(4) The association shall act altruistically and shall not pursue activities solely for its own economic advantage.

§ 3 Membership

(1) Membership is open to any natural/individual person of legal age.

(2) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Board. Admission shall be decided by simple majority vote.

(3) The membership expires by:
a. death
b. voluntary resignation
c. Expulsion

(4) Voluntarily resignations shall be notified by registered letter to the Board with at least six weeks notice as per end of the fiscal year.

(5) The Board is authorised by simple majority vote to expel individual members from the association for acting in any manner which harms the association's purpose.

(6) Upon termination of membership, all claims arising from the membership are void, whereby the association's claim to arrears of premiums receivable remains intact. A refund of contributions, donations and/or donations in kind is expressly excluded.

§ 4 Membership fees

(1) The annual contribution and consequent due date thereof shall be determined by the General Member's Assembly.

(2) With regard to donations and grants subject to conditions; the institutions of the association are bound by said conditions, the Board is responsible for fulfilment thereof.

§ 5 Bodies of the association

The bodies of the association are the Board and the General Member's Assembly

§ 6 The Board

(1) The Board consists of

a. the Chairperson
b. the Vice-Chairperson
c. the Treasurer

(2) The association shall be represented by a board member, both judicially and extra-judicially.

(3) The Board is responsible for the management of the association, the preparation and implementation of general meetings, the execution of the resolutions of the General Member's Assembly, the management of the association's assets and conduct of the current business of the association.

(4) The Board shall decide independently with regard to funding measures.

(5) The Board is elected by the General Member's Assembly for the term of two years. The Board remains in office until a new board is elected. The re-election of the Board is possible.

(6) The Board shall make decisions in board meetings, which shall be convened at least once a year by either the Chairperson or, in case he/she is prevented from his/her duty, by the Vice-Chairperson.

(7) Quorum is established if at least two board members are present. All decisions of the Board shall be taken down in writing and signed by the respective head of the meeting and the keeper of the minutes.

(8) The Board makes decisions/carries motions by simple majority of votes cast. In case of a tie/hung vote, the deciding vote lies with the Chairperson and in his/her absence, the vote of the Vice-Chairperson.

(9) In case of resignation of a board member, the remaining members shall have the right to appoint a substitute member until the next General Member's Assembly.

§ 7 The General Member's Assembly

(1) The General Member's Assembly shall have the following responsibilities In particular :

a. election of the Board
b. election of two auditors non-affiliated to the Board. The auditors have the right to audit the association's treasury and accounting at any time, however, at least once a year. The auditors shall report to the General Member's Assembly with regard to the audit of the entire accounting and treasury management.
c. Receipt of the annual report and cash report of the Board, the audit report of the auditors and granting freedom from liability.
d. application for amendments to the statutes.
e. passing resolutions on annual fee.
f. passing resolutions to dissolve the association.

(2) All members of the General Member's Assembly shall meet once a year, with a notice period of two weeks in advance by written invitation issued by the Board. The Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson shall chair the meeting. A written transcript shall be taken of each General Member's Assembly and decisions; to be signed by the chairperson of the assembly and the keeper of the minutes.

(3) The Board may, at any given time, convene an extraordinary General Member's Assembly. An extraordinary General Member's Assembly shall be convened if a quarter of the members put in a formal request in writing, stating the purpose and reasons for said assembly to the Board. With regards to procedure, paragraph (2) shall be applicable.

(4) Any General Member's Assembly constitutes a quorum, regardless of the number of members present. Resolutions and elections shall be made by open vote. A secret ballot is required at the request of at least one member. Simple majority vote shall decide, unless the statutes specify otherwise. In the case of a tie/hung vote, the motion concerned shall be rejected.

(5) Decisions on amendments require a two thirds majority of members present and shall remain within the framework of existing laws in order not to jeopardize the recognition of the association as a charitable non-profit organization. Three-quarters vote majority of the member votes cast is required for the dissolution of the association.

§ 8 The association's assets and usage thereof

(1) The association's assets consist of

a. membership fees
b. voluntary contributions
c. other/extraordinary revenue which furthers the association's purpose
d. proceeds of the association's assets

(2) The assets of the association shall only be used for purposes compliant to the statutes. The members shall receive no benefits from these assets. No one shall draw gains from expenses which are foreign and circumspect to the purpose of the association and/or by disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 9 Dissolution

(1) In the event the General Member's Assembly shall decide to dissolve the association or if the resolution is ordered by public authority; the bodies of the association shall continue their work until the dissolution is carried out.

(2) In the event of the dissolution of the association or loss of tax-privileged purpose, then the assets shall be allotted to the German Commission for UNESCO, Colmant Street 15, 53115 Bonn. The assets of the association shall be used directly and exclusively for charitable purposes.

§ 10 Severability clause

In the event that any of the provisions of the statutes shall become wholly or partially invalid, this case shall not affect the validity of the remaining statutes in any way. Any ineffective provisions shall be replaced with such as most closely approach the purpose of the ineffective provision.

Frankfurt Main, 14 May 2004


"Vorstehende Satzung wurde heute in das Vereinsregister eingetragen. Frankfurt am Main 12. Juli 2004, Amtsgericht, Abteilung 73, (Leipert) Justizangestellte"

Translation of the stamp inscription:
„The following statues have been enregistered today. Frankfurt am Main, July 12th 2004, local court, section 73, (signature „Leipert") judicial employee"

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