PROBONO to us, the Rotarians, is a reliable partner for sustainable improvements to the education system and schools in Tanzania and Uganda. PROBONO guarantees us optimal, effective and efficient use of our donations.

Peter Enderle, Rotary Club Wiesbaden, former board member of Adam Opel AG

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PROBONO - development through education. Be part of it!

PROBONO School Partnerships for One World e. V. is a registered non-profit making organization financed by donations, public and private grants. We cooperate with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Department of Trade and Industry in Hesse and receive support from a number of foundations, businesses and private donors.

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If you share our goals and vision and you too want to:

  • Support education and fight poverty,
  • Faciliate intercultural exchange and school partnerships,
  • Help develop social competencies of German students,

You should support PROBONO!

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Celebrate and share

Are you celebrating your birthday or anniversary and would like to share your happiness with those less fortunate? Why not ask your guests to make a donation to PROBONO and help improve the education and living conditions of girls and boys in East Africa.

Contact us! We will be happy to provide you with information and flyers for your guests.

Barbara Kausch
069 / 29 72 15-15 

Donate & get involved

Corporate social responsibility

Become a corporate partner of PROBONO!

Does your corporation want to support sustainable development and intercultural exchange? Why not help us to improve the learning conditions in East African schools? Your engagement will not only help African students, but also encourage German students to widen their horizon, to look upon foreign cultures and countries without prejudice and to engage themselves in social projects.

By providing educational support your engagement will make a valuable contribution towards peace and stability as well as having a sustainable impact on integration in Germany.

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Your commitment to PROBONO...

  • brings Corporate Social Responsibility to life
  • strengthens the loyalty of your employees to your company
  • makes your social engagement and your commitment to sustainable development in global responsibility visible to the world
  • contributes to a positive public perception of your company
The possibilities of support are manifold. They range from the support of a single project to improve learning conditions to the regular and long-term sponsorship of a PROBONO school in Tanzania, Uganda or Kenya.
We would be happy to work with you to develop ideas for involving your employees, business partners and customers in your commitment - from a donation box in your office to a creative Christmas campaign under the motto "Donate instead of making gifts" to professional volunteering on site, for example by working as a speaker or seminar leader.
We support you with communication. Regular information and photos for your website, your intranet or your company newspaper allow your employees and customers to experience at first hand what your company is doing with its commitment. Contact us! We appreciate your interest and will be happy to advise you individually.
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Get involved!

Join PROBONO as a volunteer and help improve education in East Africa! Here are some of the opportunities open to volunteers:

  • Flee market in support of PROBONO
  • Selling waffles at a street fair in support of a school in Tanzania
  • Organise a fundraising concert
  • Organise a fundraising event in your corporation
  • Invite PROBONO to talk at a social event
  • For teachers and retired teachers: become a volunteer at a school in Tanzania or Uganda

... and many more. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can talk about possible activities, with which you can support us!

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Donation idea: collecting for a scholarship instead of birthday gifts

Instead of the same old birthday gift vouchers, the marketing team at Degussa Bank came up with something completely new in 2017: The team is foregoing birthday gifts among colleagues and investing the money saved in something meaningful: a scholarship for a needy student at the Duluti School in Tanzania.

"We think that we have found an excellent substitute for our birthday round and will support the project again next year," writes André Mengel from Degussa Bank in the company's own blog. PROBONO is very happy about this initiative and thanks the entire marketing team for their commitment!

Wouldn't this also be something for you? We are very happy about imitators of this idea!