The PROBONO scholarship program supports children in particular need

The path out of poverty begins at school. But for many girls and boys in Tanzania and Uganda, this path is blocked. While fees for attending state elementary school have been abolished in the two East African countries, and as a result more than 80 % of all children now attend elementary school, it generally costs school fees to attend good secondary schools. In addition, there are costs for school uniforms, teaching materials and boarding school accommodation.

Because of the long and often dangerous routes to school, boarding schools are widespread in Tanzania and Uganda. They are an important means of improving the living and learning conditions of girls in particular.

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However, many families cannot afford the costs of school attendance. The situation is particularly difficult for orphans or half-orphans. Often there are no relatives who are able to take over the care of the children. Left to their own devices, they cannot develop their talents.

This is where the PROBONO scholarship program comes in. It enables particularly needy girls and boys to attend a good secondary school and to graduate. In this way, the program improves their life and career prospects, prevents child labor and makes a sustainable contribution to promoting development. Support needy girls and boys in Tanzania and Uganda and enable them to receive a good school education!

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