Why do we get involved? Background information on our projects

Education is the key to development and to overcome poverty. That is why promoting education and supporting schools is so crucial - not only for improving individual life prospects, but for the development of society as a whole. Whether it is economic development, environmental protection, good governance or fighting corruption - education provides knowledge in all these areas and is the prerequisite for any development progress.

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In countries of East Africa, however, the conditions for good schooling are often lacking.

In Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, there is great poverty. The school system is severely underfunded. There is a lack of textbooks and classrooms, qualified teachers and laboratory equipment, and some schools even lack chalk. The quality of education is very low in many schools. Failure rates in national exams are high. Many families cannot afford to pay for schooling. Illiteracy is widespread.

For this reason, PROBONO has been involved in promoting school education for 19 years, thus contributing to better learning outcomes.

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Our focus: Improving the quality of school education

The number of children attending school has increased sharply in East Africa in recent decades. The problem is: many children do not learn much at school. Our focus is therefore on improving the quality of schooling and increasing the learning achievements and competencies of children and young people - in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, which calls for quality education for all.

PROBONO supports schools in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya by.... 

  • purchasing books and teaching materials
  • systematic teacher training
  • agricultural and vocational projects (e.g. school gardens, entrepreneurship program)
  • improving school infrastructure, e.g. by building classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, school kitchens, school toilets, etc.
  • comprehensive reading promotion
  • supporting the digitalization of learning (purchase of computers and installation of Internet access)
  • improving water and electricity supply
  • promoting child-friendly schools by strengthening children's rights and child protection


What is special about our work

Many of our projects are integrated into North-South school partnerships. These projects are not only improving learning and living conditions in East Africa, but also encouraging German children and young people to become socially involved and learn about global issues. Schools in Germany show great commitment by organizing their own fundraising campaigns for their partner schools in the South, e.g. with bazaars, fundraising runs and flea markets.

Our support is not one-off, but long-term and sustainable within the framework of school partnerships. Our employees and cooperation partners on site ensure transparent handling and control of all projects, which are always implemented together with the schools in the South. All partner schools are regularly visited by PROBONO.