Sport makes you smart

Sport keeps you fit, makes you happy and improves your ability to concentrate and thus to learn. In addition, sport also contributes to the development of entire societies by relieving the burden on the healthcare system and strengthening community spirit, cohesion and peace. And sport creates sources of income. That is why PROBONO has set itself the goal of promoting sports and exercise at our partner schools in Tanzania.

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We purchase sports equipment such as balls, leotards and skipping ropes. In cooperation with our Tanzanian partner organization Future Stars Academy, we also conduct training courses for teachers lasting several days. Most schools in Tanzania do not have any trained sports teachers. The workshops will focus on how to structure good training, but also on topics such as gender equality, child protection and health/injury prevention. In addition, we want to build new sports fields at several schools, because at many schools the children have to play ball on uneven fields with roots, large stones and other tripping hazards.

Three three-day sports workshops were held in Mwanga, Arusha and Moshi in April, July and September. A total of 62 teachers from 31 primary and secondary schools took part in the training sessions. In addition to theories of good coaching, practical implementation was not neglected: For example, the last day consisted of trial training sessions with the children of the host school, which were led by our PROBONO coaches. Both the children and the teachers had a lot of fun - the smiles on their faces confirm it!

The feedback from the teachers also shows that what was learned about coaching in the workshops can also be used for other subject lessons. Just like playing netball or soccer, every child has different assets and talents when it comes to learning and needs to be picked up where they are. Moreover, not only on the sports field, but also in the classroom, good and precise instructions and examples are needed, as well as a clear structure. Thus, sports coaching contributes in many ways to the achievement of SDG 4 "Quality Education".

The task of the participating teachers is now to give the subject "Sports and Games" a pedagogical and structural framework at their schools. It was particularly important to bring together and link up teachers who are enthusiastic about sports. Various synergy effects have already emerged. For example, following the training, the PROBONO partner schools in Arusha, together with Future Stars Academy, organized a soccer and netball tournament for primary and secondary schools, in which over 480 students participated. The winners of the soccer tournament (Kaloleni Secondary School, Edmund Rice Secondary School and Amani Primary School) can now take part in the Chipkizi Cup, the largest youth and grassroots soccer tournament in East Africa - which is also only possible thanks to your donations!

For further intensive coaching of teachers and for the construction of sports fields, we still need more financial support!

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Children from Frankfurt run for sports fields in Mwanga

Sport connects across continents: With a charity run, students from the Engelbert-Humperdinck School in Frankfurt made it possible for their partner school in Tanzania to build a soccer field and a netball court. A great thing for the girls and boys at Mramba Primary School!

And also a contribution to inclusion: Because the school is one of the few institutions in Tanzania where deaf children are also taught. Joint sports promote cohesion and joint learning. There was already a lot of fun at the inauguration of the new sports fields. To the great pleasure of the children, teachers also played.

Thanks to the Engelbert-Humperdinck-School!